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Tattoo Inspired : Sweep by Cate Tiernan

Hello Creatures !

It’s been a while since you’ve seen one of these, and that is “Tattooed Inspired!” For our new creatures, tattooed inspired is a blog series of tattoo designs I have designed based off, or inspired by certain books or series. And today that series is the “Sweep” a series by Cate Teirnan. Cate to me is one of the “under the radar” authors and I really think that needs to changed because I have loved every series I have picked up by her. Sweep was the first series I picked up by her and it was actually my mom who picked the book, which go mom ! Haha. This series I would say is for sure in the top 3 of my favourites, I would probably say it’s my second favourite series. Anyways I have other designs that were inspired by her other series so those will be coming soon ! For now lets get into this one !

This design wasn’t so much inspired by the series and the story but by the imagery in the book. Morgan is a new found witch, she finds out she was born into a line of very powerful witches and the series is based around that and everything she goes through. The images chosen for this design were more focused on the last and final novel. The boat is a very significant image but due to spoilers I can not say (if you have read this series and know 10 points!). The anchor represents Morgans inner battle with her powers and that for a while she really held herself down not really allowing her to take in her power f
or the better. She really anchored her power down for a while. The compass and the clock are also more based on the last and final novel. Morgan is in search for something and she needs to fins where it is located and has a time limit so the minutes count down.

I know this round was short and sweet but I has a blast doing this one and have a couple more to this series so maybe you will be seeing those soon !

Have you read this series? Did you see the similarities in the design ? Will you pick up the series ? Tell me !! Love hearing from you.

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